The Daily : Day TwoHundredThirtyTwo [8/20] 232:365

This pregnancy has definitely tested my body this time around. I was super sick the first trimester (I was also super sick the first trimester my first pregnancy) and have been feeling the effects moreso of pregnancy. The overall tiredness and feelings of pure exhaustion, not to mention having to chase after a little one! My back also bothered me much earlier on mainly because of the added weight gain and it’s pinching my nerves which makes life a delicate balance of “can I actually get up/roll over/pick you up/sit down?” Plus I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a bit bigger than Marley and I’m feeling the effects on my insides of her bouncing around. I thought Marley was an active little one inside but this second little one is hyperactive. Holy moly she’s a mover!

I don’t think my body was truly made to carry a lot of children because I’m already over being pregnant... again. Only 2.5 months to go! Woohoo!

Katrina Wilson