The Daily : Day TwoHundredThirtySeven [8/25] 237:365

This pregnancy, ice has been such an amazing and glorious thing. I am craving it will definitely just eat a cup of ice. There are many places hat have ‘good’ ice. I like Starbucks ice because I know how filtered their water is that creates said ice. I love Chik-fil-a’s ice because it’s as close to hospital ice as you can get, although Chik-fil-a’s ice is slightly more compact and hard than hospital ice it’s literally the closest thing I have found that is like hospital ice. I do know that Sonic has semi-decent hospital ice like ice and might venture there in order to test it out. Obviously my all time favorite ice is indeed hospital ice. I was pretty much raised on hospital ice since my mom worked at for 25 plus years. And during this pregnancy it seems to have been a life saver!

Katrina WilsonComment