The Daily : Day TwoHundredThirtySix [8/24] 236:365

Why is pizza so good? I mean there are endless options of how to dress up or dress down the baked bread on the bottom. I mean for starters there’s some good ol’ carbs to start of the decadent dish. Less dough and slightly crispy is the perfect way to start your pizza journey. Then you there are tons of sauce options, you have your obvious red sauce but would you like that thicker or would you like it slightly thinner, or maybe you still want some tomato chunks in it. Or you can go with a creamy white sauce, a pesto sauce, or maybe just some olive oil. The sauce options could go on forever. Then you move on toppings. This is where things can get real crazy! I personally do love some cheese on there along with bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, spinach and last but not least pineapple. I AM one of those people who love pineapple on their pizza. It is one of my absolute favorites! And since I don’t eat meat, it really depends on what veggies we either have on hand or the combo of things I’m really craving. The beautiful thing about pizza is it’s 100% customizable! 

I think I could eat pizza forever because it could always be different. 

Katrina WilsonComment