Let’s do this… Anxiety

I’m going to jump back into the blog world. I obviously fell off the band wagon. Trying to get in the rhythm of having two kids two and under is definitely a lifestyle change.

There are days nothing is easy.

And everything goes the wrong way.

And I can’t get anything done or time for myself.

I have never been one that has had anxiety. I am mostly chill and easy going. Nothing really ruffles my feathers. Unfortunately he past 2 months or so I have had the most crippling anxiety. Heart palpitations and all! I’ve been unable to sleep and my mind will literally not slow down. I just feel this constant “I must be doing something right this moment” and it will not calm down.

Many of my family members have thyroid issues and it may have something to do with my issues lately. I’m finally going to take the time to get myself checked out and get this figured out.