How 'IT' Happened

So you know the average of "it takes about 6 months for couples to conceive when they start trying?" Well ... that's not exactly what happened with us and here's the story. We've been together a little over 5 years and have been married a little over 4 years. Before we even really made ourselves fully official we talked about the 3 main principles of marriage: money, religion, and kids. We are, and mostly have been, on the same page about money; save more, spend less, no debt, and plan for the future. We are completely non-religious; we can both be great people without a 'god' telling us we're doing it right or wrong. Now for kids, we always said if it didn't happen we'd be great and if it did happen then that would be great too. Fur babies are always a good alternative right?!

I've struggled with migraines my entire life and when I 'became a woman' they only increased with my surging hormones. So I had been on a birth control for almost 10 years (why did I do that?) and my body didn't know it's own cycle. So we decided to stop my birth control to see if we could reign in my migraines. Not necessarily because we were planning to get pregnant but really so I could re-calibrate my body.

This is where that 6 month average comes in. In our age range and in the time I stopped taking my birth control it should have taken AT LEAST SIX MONTHS! Apparently we are happy, healthy, and everything works right and that average turned into the 1st month! Which is completely exciting and amazing! Damn we made something an it's growing inside me!

My next post will continue on my First Trimester experience (and what an experience it was!) Then I will have weekly updates moving through the Second Trimester and Third Trimester.

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