Week 18

This week started out wonderfully. We were able to go through more things in our apartment and get rid of quite a few things, which will be great since we are going to start needing more room for baby things. I've been feeling great lately with the exception of me getting completely exhausted by the end of the day but still waking up during the middle of the night. Other than that I've been feeling absolutely great! I've been wanting to nest like crazy though. And once we find out the gender I will be able to dive head first into getting the baby registries together.

On Wednesday, Snowpocolypse took over the wonderful city of Portland and literally the entire city was in a gridlock. Getting anywhere was a complete nightmare unless you were able to walk. This will be the second snow of the year so far and it's not technically winter. Luckily my husband and I both work downtown so we were able to bear the SIX AND A HALF HOUR trek home together, that normally takes us no longer than 30-40 minutes. Combined with sitting in traffic and then ditching our car in his parking garage, continued by riding the max, getting on two buses (one which slowly slid into a car) and genuinely being concerned that our poor dog hadn't gone outside for quite some time, we were finally able to make it home. Oh the adventures this child is sure to have throughout it's lifetime...

Anyway on a side note, our senior dog who is 15 years old somehow held her potty for a full 14 or so hours. I mean we wouldn't even have been mad at her if she had made a mess and were fully prepared to have something to clean up. Miraculously she didn't! Fortunately she was able to feast on a wonderful dinner and happy jaunt outside. Her bad knees seemed to disappear when her little paws hit the snow and she looked like a puppy having the most fun. Our CATdog (cat that acts more like a dog) on the other hand is not the fondest of the white powder and luckily, even though he prefers to use the bathroom outside, has a litter box in the home.


#The Pregnancy Chronicles