How We Got Here & The Husband's 1st Trimester

A few things to note first: I have always been impressed by KMW and seeing her commit to not only writing but then posting publicly is no exception. This is something I have been interested in the past and dabbled in as well but never so openly.

My apologies for a bit of a long post, I was lucky enough to be invited to this adventure and feel as though I have a bit of catching up to do.

Now on to How We Got Here & The Husband's 1st Trimester.

As KMW pointed out we have had the privilege of a committed relationship for a bit over 5 years. Although I can honestly say that I was happily single our continued life together has added a layer of happiness that can only be described as bliss. Shortly before we got married (actually the month before we got married) I started school again and graduated with my undergrad in June from Portland State! WOOT! I was able to land a job prior to graduation that started in July which left us time to take a 2 week and over 5,000 mile tour of the Western US. I will leave the tales of that adventure for a later date, as you can see although I am a fan of Hemingway I myself have a knack for running on and on.

Now after completing the checklist of graduation, celebration road trip and beginning a new job I would say that we had settled into a common day-to-day routine which as a matter of fact gets old rather quickly. During this time we had the intersection of various thoughts, as mentioned KMW had been on birth control for much of her life and also dealt with migraines. We were also interested in starting a family at some point. Due to our relatively young age we decided we had the opportunity to attempt to plan our child's birth for our ideal time of year, Spring-ish. As I myself was born in May I was particularly biased towards having a child during the Spring. Since we did not expect to conceive right away we decided we would try 3 months without birth control and reevaluate her health. Our idea was that we would probably not get lucky in the first three months and so we would have the following year to try again. In the end not only did we conceive in the first month we were fortunate enough to do so in the first week. Well okey dokey!

Although it happened much faster than expected I can hardly convey my level of excitement at the prospect of fatherhood. I look forward to chronicling this experience with my partner in crime!