The Great Tiny Pumpkin Unveiling

Overall the first trimester for me has been one of seemingly long waits between exciting new events.  Our first doctor's appointment was exciting as it was our first opportunity to expose our latest appendage. The first ultrasound absolutely positively blew my frickin’ mind! But by far the highlight of the first trimester for me was telling our family. My mother and father are divorced, YAY two Christmas! And lucky enough more grandparents for our child. My mom and stepdad have been quite the opposite of discrete in letting us know that we should provide them with grandkids. My dad on the other hand has often been quite silent in regards to the decision making of his kids and has let us find our own success and failure with an open ear as his support. KMW had the lovely idea of of purchasing small table-top pumpkins for each of our family members that live nearby and decorating them with the appropriate label “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, “Auntie”,”Uncle”, etc. With these in hand we met my Mom and siblings (three in total, 2 sisters and a brother) for lunch. After enjoying some Sweet Tomatoes...enjoying?! We led them outside to our car and handed out our pumpkin gifts for the Halloween holiday. But.. as soon as they saw the labels ecstatic chaos ensued, my stepdad’s eyes welled up with tears as my mother burst into tears of joy, doubled over and nearly peed her pants. Tears from both sisters quickly followed as did a big hug from my brother. Best day ever. My family is very important to me and my siblings are honestly the absolute love of my life, can’t explain how exciting it was to tell them.

Now as for my dad the same pumpkin unveiling was planned but in this case we showed up to his house the same afternoon as we told my mom. He lives in Salem so it was just enough of a drive that we hoped to catch him on the weekend and let him know the same day as the rest of the fam. We were lucky enough to catch him and shortly after we entered his home we presented the pumpkin. He happened to see “Grandpa” written just for him on his pumpkin. “No way!” was his first response quickly followed by a gigantic smile. He quickly called over his wife to share the news. Funny thing was her response, apparently he had recently mentioned that although he did not want to pressure us “He could not wait to be a Grandpa”. Due to my parents divorce, among other things, my father and I have had a tumultuous relationship which luckily ended up with us closer than ever. But, with this in mind knowing how excited my dad is to be a grandpa was a bit unexpected but extremely encouraging.

At each turning point in my life, both good and bad, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be close to my family and to have such a wonderful family. They may drive me crazy at times and we do not always see eye to eye but I wouldn't have it any other way.