A little bit of Savings

One way I've found that works super well to add a little money to your pocket is the Ibotta app. In one month I received more than 8 dollars back on items I already was going to purchase. It's super simple and every little bit counts.

Now mind you there are a lot of things you can get money back from but if you're not planning on using or eating that product it makes no sense to purchase it in the first place.

Ibotta has many stores in their inventory including Winco (where I am from), Kroger, Costco, and many others! (Disclaimer I am no way affiliated with Ibotta I just really like their app)!

Here's my referral link to get an extra $10 bonus! https://ibotta.com/r/hulhnyj or my referral code is hulhnyj after you download the app!

Good luck on money flowing in on purchases you're already making!

P.s. I also use swag bucks for fun things like watching new movie trailers or learning a new recipe! Check out my link (also not affiliated, I just like them as well!) https://www.swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=16275144&cmp=197&cxid=2000-app