3 Months

Three months ago I gave birth to my baby girl. She was the most amazing little human I could ever imagine. She changed my life forever.

The 36 hours of labor made me love her even more. She somehow rotated, got stuck, and came out face up. It was the most difficult and painful thing I've ever done. I was determined to do a natural birth with the absolute least amount of pain killers. But 34 hours into my body was tiring and she needed to come out, so the last option before a c-section was to get an epidural. Definitely not an option I wanted but more about my baby, I wanted her safe and sound.

Then, it was not about me anymore. It was about her. It was about all the ways I would do anything and everything to keep her safe and do what is best for her.

Although I firmly believe that you cannot take care of someone or something else unless you have taken care of yourself, I take care of myself better so that I can take care of and provide better for my family.

I now know how my mom felt about me my entire life. I wish I could let my mom know how much I appreciated everything she did for me even when I didn't realize it. I miss her so much and only wish she could have met her beautiful granddaughter. They would have been two peas in a pod.

And lastly, to my baby Marley. You are definitely the PineApple of my eye and I cannot put into words how much I love and adore you. You will change the world Marley Scott, you have already changed mine.



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