Roadtrip with a 3 Month Old

We recently returned from a roadtrip to Bear Lake Utah. It was incredible. My husbands grandparents were gracious enough to rent a mansion in order to house the nearly 50 children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren they have. It's always such a fun time being able to catch up with everyone and taking a break from life to relax with family.

Such an amazing trip, except for one little stretch from Pocatello, ID to Boise, ID where little Marley cried the entire time. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, would calm her down unless she was out of the car seat. Not to mention I had come down with a migraine so I was nearly helpless in trying to calm our tiny human. Jared did such a great job getting us to his grandparents house safely and as quickly as possible.

And with it being such an amazing trip, it made us remember how much we love traveling. Since we've been together we have done a semi-big trip a year. Whether it be a huge road trip or going to Hawaii, we are always picking new destinations to explore. This trip has made us reignite our focus on living frugally and with the intention of saving in order to have experiences.

To family, friends, tiny humans, having less, and living more.


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