Being Debt Free

Since my husband and I have been debt free (thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan) it has afforded us the options to do many things we love! Every year we are able to travel somewhere, we don't have the stress or worry of how we are going to pay for bills (even though we live in an expensive city), and we know almost exactly how much our lifestyle costs us.

Thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan we have been sent free for a little over 5 years. And we have only continued with our debt free journey while saving money and always cash flowing expenses. Luckily with the envelope system Dave teaches we always have enough money for life's hiccups. When there's an accident we know we can pay for it without stressing. Even though it's hard watching money leave for something that could have been prevented, it's also nice knowing we have the funds to take care of it.

My goal as a mostly stay at home mom, but who has the option to work flexible jobs I'm figuring out how to 'make' more money for our family, mostly by saving! In an earlier post (you can find it here I talk about 2 sites, Ibotta and Swagbucks, that I've lived using to help me save money on groceries! Use the links to get $10 once you read the post!

Let me know how you all spend money and save money!