Day Seven 7:365

Today was 'Little Christmas,' a term coined by my late grandmother who passed away in October. When my dad and aunts and uncles were younger, my grandmother decided she didn't want to celebrate Christmas because it became too commercialized and she didn't want to be a part of that. With her passing, we decided to have a 'Little Christmas' in her honor. My grandmother was a gorgeous lady and one who made her mind up on the spot. She would make decisions quickly and if it wasn't the 'right' decision, then she'd make a new decision to correct it. She never seemed to make mistakes since she just moved on from her choices and continued on with life. Lately, I have been having decision fatigue and am having a hard time making the 'right' choices. I hope to get out of this slum and get back on track. I have a slight inkling that I may have some post baby blues as my hormones are leveling themselves back out.

Tomorrow is a new day, busy with work, school, and helping my dad. To getting through it and succeeding! Update on how tomorrow goes in the evening.

To good vibes and positivity to get through the day!

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