Day Nine 9:365

Thank goodness for grandmas! For having such a horrible day yesterday, feeling defeated and failed, to have today go swimmingly and breezy was a much needed positivity boost! Jared's mom came to visit and watch the lovely little terror and it gave everyone a bit of what they really wanted. Mom (me) got a break and was able to square away and get started on classes for the term. Grandma got a dose of Marley time! And Marley, bless her little heart had a rollercoaster of a day. With her top teeth coming in, she's having a helluva time with the uncomfortableness of teeth popping through. I know she's extremely uncomfortable so I'm not mad at her when she's fussy, it's just unnerving when you have to continue to trial and error to help calm a baby who can't speak. To everyone going through teething, may the power be with you and IT WILL GET BETTER!

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