Day Twelve 12:365


If there is one, JUST ONE, piece of advice I could give people is STOP LETTING PEOPLE RUN OVER YOUR VALUES! Granted I'm not perfect with things like that all the time but you cannot let people run over what you believe. Even if they are people you love, don't let them take things from you and stand your ground when something is unfair for you. Before people get married I don't suggest you combining any of your finances or really anything for that matter, and if you live together everything should be split evenly. Just because you are going to live together and PLAN on getting married you never know what can happen. Also when you do get married you have to remember that whatever the other person has then becomes yours! And yes I mean everything, debt included! If you are a natural saver and your significant other is not or they are strapped with a lot of debt, that debt becomes yours. I cannot emphasize enough the 3 things people need to go over in order to creat a positive and stress free marriage environment and they are: Money, religion, and children. These 3 topics should be the forefront of all pre-marriage counseling and should be discussed thoroughly. I plan to go over all of these in depth in the next few posts. Does this sound like something people would be interested in learning and knowing about? Please let me know!