Day Thirteen 13:365

I'm at a loss for what to talk about today. There are many things that run through my mind, like: why do people choose the people they want to spend time with, why people continue to"food" that is not good for them, and why people do the things they do? Although you may like someone, it does not in fact mean that you should mary them or spend the rest of your life with them. There are people who come into your life that are there to teach you something, and there are those who come into your life to stay. Not everyone can be the ones who stay. You have to really align with someone in order for them to be the ones to stay. Many of those who come and go are there to teach us a lesson. A lesson on love, on value, on virtue.

Did you know that by cutting meat consumption we can help to lower green house gases by 15%? Meat consumption not only is bad for health but bad for the planet as well. How can you eat a piece of cow and then pet your dog and love him like family. Cows are just likes dogs, they have feelings and emotions. There is no reason for them to be slaughtered and put to death for our consumption.

I always interested on why people do the things they do: who knows what make them tick. My only problem with people is why they don't do the things they actually want to do, instead of being persuaded to do what others want them to do. So extremely frustrating! PLEASE! YOU DO YOU! And stop giving into what others want!

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