Day Twenty 20:365

Today at New Season's a nice gentleman stopped and started a conversation with my husband and me. No harm, no foul. My frustration came when half way through he asked if we went to church (no problem with that question). I told him we were non-religious. And this is where my frustration sets in. He says, "So you guys are just nice to be nice?" Well, YES! We don't need a god to tell us to be nice to people. We don't need a religion to 'teach' us we should be nice to people. We are nice because it's how everyone should be, whether you are religious or not. Just because we don't go to church or believe in a god does not mean we are bad people. Those who are Christian seem to have this stigma around those who are non-religious, that they're terrible to others and do not have a good moral compass. I'm sorry you need religion to be a nice and decent person to the rest of the world. It should not come as shock when those who are non-religious are good people too!