Day TwentyTwo 22:365

Cheese. I used to love cheese. In my mind I still do. Ooey gooey melty stringy cheese. To me in theory, sounds absolutely devine, to actually eat it sounds (and feels) like a nightmare. In my journey of becoming vegetarian, I am also going as far as veganism. Yesterday I had delicious pizza, and today my insides are dying from the cheese overload. I have found that dairy products are continually upsetting my body the longer I go in between having it. To me this is a way of knowing for sure that it can't be good for me, the planet, or the animals who produced it. My biggest reason in going vegetarian in the first place was because I do love animals but also the amount of havoc it wreaks on the earth is horrifying. Not to mention eating meat is probably not the most healthy and drink milk from a cow can't be good for you. Milk from a cow is supposed to nourish and grow a baby cow, not humans. People aren't drinking dog's milk or human breast milk daily unless you are a puppy or baby. So why do we cringe at the thought of buying dog's milk and human's milk but not that of a cow. It just seems silly to me. Our bodies were not made to process the ratio of nutrients that are specifically made for calves. Plus by limiting consumption our Mother Earth can relax on trying to fix all the problems the meat and dairy industries have left behind. Think where you food comes from and be conscience of what impact you want to leave on generations to come.