Day TwentyFour 24:365

I found that I love helping people design for events. All the way from creating and personalizing invitations, to showcasing personality through decorating, to searching for the perfect vendors. I don't do it a lot but when I have the option to, I LOVE helping to decorate and create for people. Taking quality pictures and creating invitations is so much fun, especially when you know the person well and are able to create the vision they couldn't quite create for themselves. Flowers, colors, glitter, sparkles, ferns, leaves, metals, woods, water, ice, lights, fire. The combinations are endless to make the perfect euphoria of feelings. Like when you walk into a room that's beautifully decorated and it encompasses you to another time in your life of a certain memory and place of elation. Maybe I should consider becoming a wedding/event planner. Contact me if you want to give me a try!