Day ThirtyFour [2/3] 34:365

Today we had swimming lessons. Jared had an eye appointment. We get to see Grandpa Wilson. And now we're going to Grandma WW. We get to have a date night in Corvallis. I'm not sure when the last date night we had was. I love my husband and for almost 5 years it was just us. J&K. Doing what we wanted, when we wanted, how we wanted. It's changed a bit. A baby changes a lot. No more quick impromptu strenuous hikes. No more date night at the bar on the drop of hat. Not saying any of this is bad but it's just different. More methodical. More planned out. More care and consideration. Sometimes I miss the carefree woman I was without my sweet baby girl. Sometimes I envy the lady who could go to the bar. Sometimes I miss my childless self married to my husband. It was the two of us figuring it out for a long time. Having a baby really does change some things. Sometimes I miss just you and I. But now that she's here I miss her when she's not with us. Although a date night, just the two of us, is certainly something we need to plan more of. It gives us time to catch up on each other instead of just how the baby girl is. It gives us time to nurture each other. It gives us time... Together. And together is what I love about us. We are together, Peanut butter to jelly. Honey to my bunny. I love you.