Day FortyTwo [2/11] 42:365

NINE MONTHS OLD TODAY! You are growing so fast and learning all you can. You are a busy body who loves her swim lessons, avocados & sweet potatoes, and crawling after mom to the bathroom. You’re climbing to stand all by yourself and it’s just a matter of a little more balance and you’ll be walking. My favorite right now is you laughing when everyone else is laughing and mimicking everything from volume to gestures. I'm amazed by how much of an attitude you have already. I can't say I'm surprised because I know exactly who you got it from. You don't like socks or shoes and I can almost guess you'll be a kid that doesn't like wearing clothes very often. Your personality is coming through and I'm excited for you to start talking but can guarantee you will be one to speak their mind. I love you so, my little Marley!

LifeKatrina Wilson1 Comment