Day FiftyThree [2/22] 53:365

Almost 40 weeks in : vs : A little over 40 weeks out! Although I haven’t “bounced back” to my pre-baby body, I’m slowly but surely on the way (even though I wasn’t the most fit or healthy pre-baby)!

There are many factors to get your body back after a baby. Everything from eating right, breastfeeding if you can, exercising, and what I think is most important, your mental health!

Those of you struggling with symptoms of depression and sadness (postpartum or not!), I highly urge you to get a blood panel done. I was extremely low on Vitamin D which can occur when you are not exposed to enough sun. This can especially happen in the winter months for us Oregonians. I’m no doctor but low Vitamin D can cause symptoms of depression. Since Vitamin D helps to regulate melatonin and your thyroid it also effects sleeping, weight, and general well-being.

I honestly thought I had slipped into a serious depression. Or my thyroid was high (a serious thought since 99% of my dad's side of the family is on a thyroid medication). Or I was anemic. I honestly felt crazy. I didn't feel like myself. I felt even more lost since I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing in order to feel great! Eating the best I've ever eaten in my life, working out and running around after tiny human, and nourishing my mind with school. I felt overwhelmed by the smallest tasks and thought I was seriously going to have a mental break down if someone asked me to do anything. It was absurd. And in my mind I knew something was wrong and only getting worse.

I’m not one to generally be sad but for a good solid 2-3+ months I was struggling with why I couldn’t be happy. I felt so lost and alone. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Extremely low Vitamin D! Luckily an easy fix and nothing too serious. Even if it was that I was depressed I was willing to take the steps for happiness and my well-being for my family.

I’m seriously urging anyone and everyone who is not feeling like themselves mentally and have done what you can to take care of yourself without any help. Please, please see a doctor you trust and figure out what is going on. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And there are others around you that want you to be happy!