Day FiftyFour [2/23] 54:365

"Songbird" By Aer

[Hook - David:]

Songbird, its takin’ longer

I see the ego in the people get stronger

Could take a lifetime, to see the right signs

So lets remind every mind were the same,

People past the front line, even past the guns drawn

Worries and our failures, everyone is one kind

[Verse 1 - Carter:]

I’m a part of a motivated movement

Hop up in the FAM if you’re for improvement

Some by the pool, mixing drinks, straight coolin’

While other’s are struggling, just to be a student

Uncover the bright side, it’s always time for that

No more running kids with AK’s strapped to back

I’mma reach my inked out arm to help

Don’t think that it’s all gone to hell

Look ahead, look to the future

Sew up them sutures, mend the world

Pick up the loser, put down the uzi

Headlines lined with crime alerts

Some of the sickening things that are happening come from the lack of respect

It’s all big heads, yeah we’re doing well, pick up the slack and take on what’s next


[Verse 2 - Carter:]

Don’t let that ego get in the way

Don’t make people think that you’ve gone and changed

I’m a self made man, that’s right

Still the damn same, but I’m on the tracks to a louder life

And I’m fortunate enough to have that income coming in

We hold it down and stay grounded

Some of y’all just hovering and go!

Focus on a mind outside your own

Never change for anyone at all


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