Day Seventy [3/11] 70:365

Still so tired. A lot of cleaning of the old apartment.

Again, why do people like moving?

Also, Marley is 10 months today. It's too crazy to get 10 month pictures today but tomorrow we will carve some time for them. She has been such a champ with the trips in the car seat and entertaining herself with the move, I couldn't have asked for her to be better.

The next week (which also happen to be finals) is going to be finishing finals and unloading all we have.

My goal is to get school done so I can seriously go through and be ruthless on the things to keep and get rid of. I thought is was doing great but realize how much stuff you have when you have to move it. Good gravy!


P.S. I will also catch up on comments as I have seen notifications for them but have not read them. Thank you!