Day EightySeven [3/28] 87:365

This little girl is definitely getting better at walking! Her first steps at a little over 10 months, I can't describe how impressed I am by her curiosity and her determination to do what she wants. This not only makes me happy because she will fight for what she wants, but also makes me nervous as I know her stubbornness will make life a little difficult for Jared and I. Honestly, I see it a lot like karma as I got older I gave my mom some hard times. I was never a bad kid per se but I know I kept her worrying because of my need to do things my own way. Looking back, I must turn back to that determination for myself so that I can show Marley that she can indeed do whatever she wants to do in life. She will have no limits and she must know that! No matter how difficult that makes it for us.