Day NinetyThree [4/3] 93:365

There is nothing wrong with the suburbs. I, for myself, am not a suburb woman. I feel so isolated and it feels like there is nothing to do. I feel extremely removed living so far away from the city. I can't take a walk and look upon Portland and I can't hear the trains clanging in the night. And there is no hustle and bustle. The city is too expensive. We get a lot of space for a much cheaper price, a MUCH CHEAPER price. I also don't work downtown anymore. So that also feels isolating as well. I don't get to interact with multiple diverse adults anymore. I do get to drive downtown but I don't get to spend real time interacting with others.

I have never felt more alone and sometimes it is daunting. And on the other hand to get anywhere seems to take forever. Downtown to get mail 25-30 min, to go to North Portland 25-30 min, the only place that takes less than 5 minutes is Trader Joe's and thank goodness for that because I love me some TJ's.

I'm trying to adjust and learn to like the suburbs but damn it is hard to like a place you don't have a true connection with. I am trying, and I'm sure it will be a great learning experience but in the meantime I'm just getting through.