Day OneHundredSixteen [4/26] 116:365

Forgot my wallet at home....again. *Huge face palm* This is literally only the second time this has happened to me and both times happened with in the span of a week and a half. Why?! Oh I think it's because I have a crap ton of stuff going on and my mind is split so many different ways, I'm having a difficult time keeping everything straight. School- which I am absolutely despising right now. Somewhat interesting classes but I can not for the life of me care, even an ounce, for them.

Marley- she is self explanatory! But lately she wants even more attention that I already seem to have not a lot of.

Jared- unfortunately my wonderful husband is getting the short end of the stick and I am truly trying to make time and for him.

Me- there is no time for me. I'm frustrated that school seems to be my priority when In fact it should not be. I only have 6 or so weeks left so I am literally count down the days in which I can not have to have it take my brain capacity.

Everyone else- I'm sorry I've neglected you as well.Did I mention I feel exhausted and tired a lot and by the time it's bed time I am out.Just trying to figure it out.