Day OneHundredFortyFour [5/24] 144:365

For those who have never experienced and migraine let me tell you it is not just an intense headache. It is a mind altering (and not in a fun way), body shut down, loss of control pain in the head. For me once I am past a certain point in my migraine there is little to nothing I can do to make it stop except for let it run its course. Light sensitivity, smell sensitivity, excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting, crying, pleading, just hoping the pain will subside. There are times my migraines have lasted two whole days but the recovery my body takes to get back to normal can take up to three days. It's like my body literally shuts downs. Nothing will stay in my stomach, I can't eat or drink much of anything. I get even more dehydrated and when it's finally starting to subside it's a whole other process to regain strength in my pain riddle body. Kids used to make fun of me at school when I wouldn't come to school because I had a "headache." They never understood that it wasn't just a headache, it was a complete lack of control of my body and then pain that accompanied it is something that is hard to describe. Luckily with age, I feel like my headaches have gotten less intense and shorter but I'm still terrified of the day when one comes and I'm stuck somewhere with my babies and I won't be able to get home. It scares me to know that my body could leave me stranded when I have tiny humans who depend on me. Of course my husband would be able to get to where we are but the thought that I wouldn't be able to do it terrifies me. So most days I'm just thankful that I've gotten a bit healthier and I have not yet had to be in a position like that.To those who get migraines, I truly understand your pain. And to those who don't know, please I beg of you to be a little more understanding.