Day OneHundredFortyThree [5/23] 143:365

What has caused us as humans (especially in the US) to want the biggest house with so much space you rarely enter a room, or such a large car you have trouble parking anyway with other vehicles, or things that are flashy and expensive looking? What happened to spending time with your family instead of everyone in their own compartment and no one communication? Or taking hikes together and exploring nature? Or not caring that your car is 10 plus years old? Why have we set such weird standards on ourselves when really we just want to be happy? I know that for me, my happiness comes from being able to actually spend time with my family, and exploring nature, and not having to worry about if my car is going to get dinged when I park it somewhere. I like it simple and am on a journey to condense my belongings so I can worry less about the things I have and think more about the places I want to go.