Day OneHundredFiftyThree [6/2] 153:365

This is a repost but it's just so good. And rainy days I'm always reminded of it. The nostalgia of rainy fall days brings me back to my childhood with my mom. We would always be doing something, whether it be me trying to help her organize her pulathra of things, us decorating for the holidays, or just hanging out listening to old records. There is definitely a stronger sense of loss during fall. You passed away the day after my first wedding anniversary and every year never seems to be easier that I know I’ll never hear your laugh or that you’ll never see your granddaughter. I know there were many times throughout my life that I was not the most loving to you but every day I regret that I didn’t tell you I loved you more. My only hope is that wherever you may be, you continue to look after me and your granddaughter. I love and miss you more than I can put into words.