Day OneHundredSixtyOne [6/10] 161:365

I look back on the past couple months and my worry with having another child and find peace in knowing that, I WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF ANOTHER HUMAN! In the moment of being sick and utterly tired along with not even being able to fully take care of myself, it was a bit terrifying to think that I would have to take care of another tiny human. But luckily (and hopefully you aren't sick your entire pregnancy) I'm not sick my entire pregnancy. It is just a phase. A small moment in time. A tiny slice of life, that yes you almost feel like you want to die, but then you miraculously get through it and find yourself in a positive happy light. I am so thankful that I am ending the first trimester and the most difficult time in carrying my babies. I know the second trimester will be so much easier and way more fun, mainly because I'll have a better outlook on life and feel better overall health wise. Of course there will be times when I do get sick when I have my second baby and I won't take care of them like I do when I'm not sick. But I have to remember I'm not sick forever, it only feels like forever when you are sick. The sickness will pass!