Day OneHundredSixtyTwo [6/11] 162:365

Finished my last final today and am done with school for my Junior year. I AM OFFICIALLY A SENIOR! (Took forever and a day! But I'm making progress!) I will be taking a break (again) since our second baby is due in November. Since November is almost the end of a term, it wouldn't make any sense to try to take classes not knowing when the new baby would actually come. And since having a new born is stressful in itself, there’s no point in creating extra stress with trying to complete everything so far ahead of time 'just in case' the baby arrives early! I'm glad to be taking a break but am also a little sad that I am finally feeling better right at the end of classes. And that I'm not sure how long it will take me to get back into the swing of school once the newborn arrives.