Day OneHundredNinetyOne [7/10] 191:365

We got through ALL of the appointments for today! Thank goodness. It took almost 2 hours for the new baby's ultrasound and two technicians had to get pictures because someone was such a little mover. Every time they were about to snap a photo the baby would move. And just when they thought they got it the baby would move again. With Marley she moved a little bit but over all it only took about 45 minutes to an hour for the tech to get all the pictures. Looking back on the past few weeks it now makes more sense why certain organs, my back, and my bladder seemed to be in pain! It's because this one was doing jumping jacks and somersaults, and catapulting every which way!

Luckily they were finally able to get all the shots they needed and we found out ... drum roll ... we're having...


In reality it makes it easy since we don't have to buy new clothes or really anything since we have almost everything we need. The only things we will need are another car seat and a baby mattress so far (my good friend gifted us with a crib they no longer need) so that will be lovely!